Well, it’s not just about the church asking for money…
And, it’s not only about how we are invited to offer our
“Treasure, Time and Talent” to God.

A “Steward” is a person who has been asked to care for another’s property: a guardian.
Since everything we have comes from God,
we are all called to be stewards of God’s world.
Our creed calls us all to “Live with respect in Creation”
STEWARDSHIP is all about how we use the gifts that God has entrusted to us.

       “What do you mean by “Time and Talent”?

Many people contribute hours and hours of volunteer energy to Zion:
committees, Sunday morning helpers, scripture readers, projects,
choir and special music, outreach, property upkeep, visiting, events,
IPE workers, teachers, bakers, gardeners…the list is huge!
If we were to add up all those hours, imagine what the sum would be!

“But isn’t giving money a part of STEWARDSHIP?”

Yes!  We believe that we are privileged to give part of what we have back to God
as a way of expressing our thanks for all that has been given to us.
Such giving is also the act of a responsible steward.

“How much should I give?”

As much as you choose!  Really!
Some people tithe, other people come up with an amount by ‘proportionate giving”.

“What is a ‘tithe'”?

This literally means 1/10th.

It comes from Biblical times,
when people were asked to share 1/10th of their crops with God as a thank offering.
The United Church of Canada has often suggested a 5% “tithe”,
recognising that our members also generously support other charities as well.
God’s work happens in many ways!

“What is ‘proportionate giving’?”

Similar to the tithe in concept, you look at your basic income
and give a certain proportion to God through the church.
We have been invited to consider giving 3% to 5% of net (“take-home”) income –
recognising that those with greater disposable incomes may be able to offer
a greater proportion than those whose income is limited.
Your church is thankful for your donation, no matter the size.

“I have heard of making a PLEDGE.  What is that?”

Basically, it’s a non-binding promise.
Every few years, you will be invited to consider how much you hope to offer for the year,
on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.
This statement of intention may need to be altered during the year
since financial circumstances can unexpectedly change.
A Pledge Campaign can help the church to make plans for the future.
The Pledge also functions as a guideline for you –
a reminder of your desire to support your church.

“Can I get a tax receipt?”

Yes!  We issue receipts to all givers.

“What are “Offering Envelopes”, and why do people use them?”

Zion will supply you with a box of envelopes,
one for each week of the year,
with your personal number on them for anonymous identification.
Envelopes can serve as a reminder to give,
help you to regularize your offering over the year, a
nd ensure that you receive a tax credit for all your givings.

“Are there other ways of giving?”

Why, yes!  Some people like to pay their bills by “Direct Debit”,
and it is possible to make your church donations that way as well!
The church calls this programme P.A.R.: PreAuthorized Remittance.

Others prefer to provide post-dated cheques – especially for when they are travelling.
All regular givers not using envelopes are given an account number
so that a receipt can be issued at the end of the year.

If you would like a set of envelopes, or would like to sign up for P.A.R.,
just contact the church: 250-546-9384.

“Do we keep all the money for our own congregation?”

No.  Zion United supports other important work, both locally and abroad.
A vital local ministry that depends upon our support is Camp Mackenzie,
a United Church Camp at Mabel Lake that provides “weeks that last a lifetime”
for children of all income levels.

We also contribute to the National World Development and Relief Fund:
a Church programme without overhead that can get aid into areas of disaster or war.

Every year, Zion United makes a significant commitment to support
the United Church Mission and Service Fund.
(This fund supports congregations, administers outreach programmes in Canada and abroad,
funds education for ministry, and administers the work of the United Church of Canada.)

We also donate to other important work –
including sponsoring a refugee family, assisting the Canadian Foodgrains Bank,
partnering with the Akonjo School Project in Africa,
and local charitable work, like The Transition House.

All for the glory of God.





























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