Our Women’s Group

United Church Women

Looking for a place to hang out once a month and make new friends?

Drop in to the Church Hall on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at one o-clock
and share a cup of tea or coffee with the women of Zion U.C.W.!
You may be asked to bake a cake or two now and again,
or help with a letter writing campaign,
or discuss a variety of issues about life and the church.
r maybe you just want to sit and enjoy the company of other women.
Occasionally we are asked to provide refreshments for special occasions,
and that’s our chance to show off our skills and spread some good will.
We are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and places to go.
Get in on the action.
Try us out. You just might like it.
New members are always welcome.

“To unite women of the congregation
for the total mission of the church
and to provide a medium through which
we may express our loyalty and devotion
to Jesus Christ  in Christian witness,
study, fellowship, and service.”

The Women’s Retreat
is held once a year in the Fall
at our wonderful MacKenzie Camp. 
We are very proud to say it has been a success right from the start. 
We have had such themes as:
Food ideas from Hildegard von Bingen,
Looking in Buddism,
Cosmetics and potions from our natural surroundings
and more. 
But the whole idea of the week-end
is the coming together of women for the purpose of
relaxation, fun and friendship,
hopefully going home with a renewed sense of being
and lots of happy memories.